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Leading you to a life-changing relationship with Jesus as you follow Him.


To see people saved and to baptize a number equalling 10% or more of our attendance each year.


To carry the hope and purpose of Jesus to those far from God with our experiences, gifts and resources.



Unique characteristics of Sonrise already established and unchanging, expressed and

experienced in past, present & future.  

Living expectantly in faith 

Engaging in community transformation 

Relying on the Holy Spirit 


Common values that are true, but not necessarily unique to Sonrise  

Team ministry 

Equipping and releasing people to serve in ministry 

Sharing the gospel and leading people into spiritual maturity 

Teaching and applying the bible 

Honour, respect & integrity 

We value all people as individuals created in God’s image


Characteristics that we desire and pursue  

Encountering the Holy Spirit and always going deeper 

To be a community where people find belonging because they are valued, loved & forgiven  

Reach out and serve people by identifying and meeting needs in our community 

Intentional partnerships with local churches, ministries and community partners that help facilitate our dreams


“The lens to inform and evaluate our decisions to stay true to who we are”

Living Beyond Ourselves

We take ownership in what God is doing rather than personal entitlement. The health of our church body, emerging generations and those yet to come, are valued over our individual preferences and comfort levels. We choose to be contributors rather than consumers. 

Progressive Approach In Ministry

We choose to be relevant to our culture and community; using current concepts to reach emerging generations. We won’t be afraid of change even when it disrupts our current state of comfort. 

Sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s Leading 

We choose to be prayerful and flexible in all our decision-making. We choose to allow the Holy Spirit to guide us.  


We’re dreaming a God sized dream! 

A church growing exponentially! A thriving, prayer-filled, multicultural church known as a centre for excellent worship with the supernatural move of God over multiple services. 

We dream of a highly engaged, multi-generational church with children embraced and equipped in the present. 

We’re dreaming of a hub for ministry training for the next generation, a centre to meet community needs, and a sending church to equip people for missions and church planting.

We believe this is God’s dream for us!



To baptize 25 people in 2017, 28 in 2018, 39 in 2019, 54 in 2020, 76 in 2021 and 107 in 2022.  

To achieve greater than 50% of our growth through new disciples 

To grow Sunday attendance by 40% year to year  

To continually have 50% of all leaders under 40


By AGM 2018, review and refine our governance, by-laws and policies to ensure clarity of roles, proper alignment of responsibilities, and  compliance with regulatory requirements 

By March 2022, create multiple weekly corporate services totalling an average of 1000 attendees with 75% participating in Community Groups. 

To grow our mission influence with a 50% increase in our contribution (finances, training and people) to unreached people groups (people who live in areas with 2% or less Evangelical Christians) by March 2022. 

By March 2022, to be experienced as a vibrant, welcoming, fun-loving, multi-cultural gathering place.

To annually evaluate our public ministries by three excellence goals to increase our relevance to young families, youth and young adults.

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